Effortless Weeding

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Plunado's Goal

Our goal is and will always be to make your outdoor experience better and easier. We hope Plunado's Weed Snatcher allows you to minimize the amount of effort spent on maintaining your outdoors and maximize the time spent relaxing!

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Hear directly from our happy customers!

I used to remove my chain to clean it, now the process has been super streamlined by this cool tool I didn't even know existed up until now.

Margaret Campbell

I never cleaned my chain up until purchasing Plunado's Chain Scrubber. My bike stopped making that weird squeaking sound it always did and I feel like my pedaling has actually gotten smoother. Sweet product.

James M.

I am really glad I bought this. Extremely functional. It's perfect for my mountain bike after a long ride in the trails near my house. Really gets in the chains crevices, unlike my own hand washing.

Percy F.